Monday, December 30, 2013

WOW!! Really? Has it been that LONG?

Oh my gracious!  I cannot believe that it has been since September that I have written a post on my blog.  I have MANY excuses, and yes, they are good ones! So much has been going on in my life both personally and professionally.

My kiddos moved to San Diego so we helped them move down there in September.  YEP!  I am HATING it.  They are too far and I miss them terribly. We have made 2 trips down there since and sent them home for Christmas (in which I was struck with the HORRIBLE flu on Christmas Eve morning and missed Christmas all together). BOO!!  And I even had a FIRST time ever FLU shot this year... Yeah, that worked out well..

I have also been remodeling our master bath.  Tearing out everything was fun and wish I could say we finished it but NOPE, it sits torn out.  I am hoping to have it done by summer.

Professionally I have been keeping busy beyond what I ever imagined.  Our school was selected to be a recipient of the Dr. Ben Carson Reading Room Grant (we are the first in the whole state of California) and I was selected as the Lead Designer for the room.  Yep, Designer!!  Whoo Hoo!!!  It has been fun, exciting and challenging.  I have been in charge of the complete design, purchasing and selection of all materials.  My vision will hopefully be complete by the end of January and pictures will be posted.  I wanted a calm and serene space the students to just sit, chill and read.  I went with a calm gray and white color palette but have added big POPS of lime green, orange and aqua.  I was given a particular budget and let me tell you, it doesn't go far when you have to purchase seating but I got creative and can't wait to share with everyone!

Also, I was asked to be a Beginning Teacher Support Provider which takes up WAY too much of my time.  I have constant meetings after school and living an hours drive away (each way) from my school site, makes me want to just bring a cot to my classroom and spend the nights there!!

I am hoping that by the end of this school year, things will calm down and I can get back to concentrating on my classroom designs.  I have managed to make a new design this break.  I LOVE the colors.  And with this being the holidays and having way to many SWEETS in the house served as my inspiration.  I made a sweet Candy Land theme.  Will be doing one in primary colors as well.  I hope you like it!

I just want to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you that have stumbled upon my blog, a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and may 2014 bring health, happiness and many blessings your way!


Melissa Cloud said...

Hi Jeannie! I'm doing a blog post tomorrow about the color orange and am including your Aqua, Orange, Gray, and Green Decor from your TPT store. I just love it! I can't wait to see how your new creations!

A Teaspoon of Teaching

Amanda Selle said...

Where can I purchase a packet of your sweet candy decor theme?? I love it!

Classroom Decor and More said...

Just click on my teacherspayteachers link at the top right of my blog or go to:
Thank you so much for your sweet words!

Ayshwarya Singh said...

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