Thursday, September 5, 2013

A little Preview!

I have been working on my classroom (FINALLY) and have put some stuff together.  Still doing some tweaking here and there.  I love to take pictures of my classroom because it seems like after you look at them, you notice items that don't look so good or how some areas look a little "blah".  Why is that?  When I look at my room as a whole I never notice empty spots but, I guess the camera doesn't lie!


Rachel Noble said...

How did you attach the paper and border to your desk? Thanks!

Classroom Decor and More said...

Hi Rachel,
I use blue painters tape. I use it for everything. It sticks to any surface and is easily removable. I have had that paper and ribbon on my desk for over 1 year now. I hope that helps.

Sherry Hibbard said...

I LOVE your classroom! It looks like my dreams! I am absolutely getting some border or ribbon to trim out my desk! I was thinking I could hot glue ribbon to it. Do your kids pick at it? I teach kindergarten and I could see that being an issue.

Angela Burns said...

What did you use to attach the shelves to your bulletin board?

Teaching 123's & ABC's said...

Hi Angela,
The shelves are attached with screws. That is a portable room wall. No blackboard. I just used black paper and border to frame out that area. 😊
Thanks for asking!

Rachel Milstead said...

Do you have a place where we can get all the print able things like the letters, numbers, signs, etc?

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