Sunday, June 30, 2013

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WHOO'S on a roll?

Like the title?  I know, I am so corny!  Couldn't resist though.  My new completed theme is an Owl theme.  Ok, I know I said that the Ladybug theme I just did was my favorite but...... I am LOVIN' this Owl theme.  I am definitely going to be using this one in my own classroom this year.  I will still have my black, pink and white polka dots but will just add the new theme with it.  Items can be found in both of my stores.  Click here ------------->

There are 112 pages to this unit!  I just could not decide on patterns/templates so I made several to choose from.  I had such a "hoot" making this one!  Sorry, my dry sense of humor plus I am a little rummy (not due to alcohol) but due to the fact that it is 1:27 AM!  Good night Gracie!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lady bug, Lady Bug, Fly Away.......

Lady Bug theme done. Check. Classroom Chic, next! Wanted to share my newest theme that was added to my TPT Store and Teachers Notebook Store. Hope you like them! (I think my favorite is the Ladybug's. They are so stinkin' cute! Just like my little's).

Monday, June 24, 2013

Buzzing with EXCITEMENT! Bee theme done, Ladybug on its way!

Finally got the Bee theme done and posted to both stores!  Whew!!!!  Now working on my Lady Bug theme and a few trend color themes!  I LOVE this stuff!  I want to change my classroom decor every week now!  Oh my, if ONLY I had the energy to do that!

Just a few of the items in the 107, YES, 107 page theme.  I did several different templates to choose from so you could mix and match!  Please check them out in my TPT and TeachersNotebook store.  Links to the right!  Just click!
Have a great week!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Something's "Buzzing" at Classroom Decor & More.....

I am "officially" off for summer now!  Whoo hoo!  Oh wait!  That is what an owl might say.  Yes, I am delirious!  It's late, but I need to get down on paper what has been "buzzing" in my head for weeks.  I have started my "Bee Theme" and wanted to give you a sneak peak!  I'm thinking I will not get it finished tonight this morning but wanted to let everyone see what I was working on.  Hoping to get it finished tomorrow later on today!

There is not a yellow box around the bee in the second nameplate.. do not know why it downloaded like this on here......