Sunday, June 30, 2013

WHOO'S on a roll?

Like the title?  I know, I am so corny!  Couldn't resist though.  My new completed theme is an Owl theme.  Ok, I know I said that the Ladybug theme I just did was my favorite but...... I am LOVIN' this Owl theme.  I am definitely going to be using this one in my own classroom this year.  I will still have my black, pink and white polka dots but will just add the new theme with it.  Items can be found in both of my stores.  Click here ------------->

There are 112 pages to this unit!  I just could not decide on patterns/templates so I made several to choose from.  I had such a "hoot" making this one!  Sorry, my dry sense of humor plus I am a little rummy (not due to alcohol) but due to the fact that it is 1:27 AM!  Good night Gracie!


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