Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Busy getting my groove on!

I had a request to make my lesson planners and binders to match my themes that are available in my TPT and Teachers Notebook stores so, I sat here at my desk for 3 days designing and putting together to ULTIMATE teacher planner and binder all in one.  It has 118 pages for you to choose from.  I personally use my teacher planner like a bible.  It is wire spiral bound and has a personalized cover. I carry it everywhere and I am NEVER without it while at school.  I have all my lesson plans in there as well.  It not only makes it easy for me but for my assistant as well.  Also, if I have a sub, all they have to do is look in my planner and it is all there for them.  Lessons already done and ready to go!  Here is just a sample of what you will get if you purchase my planner.

Enjoy and good night!


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